Dennis’ and Lennarts parents have followed Status Quo since they were 14 years old. Dennis and Lennart are because of that grown up with the music.

They were at their first Quo-concert in Hultsfred in Sweden in 1992, when they were 8 and 4 years old.

In 1995 Dennis’ and Lennarts parents met Kjeld for the first time at a Quo-concert in Copenhagen. They met every time there was a Quo-concert and in 1999 it became a friendship, where they started to meet in private. It was at Kjelds home, that Dennis and Lennart found out that oneself could play a guitar, since Kjeld was the owner of such a thing!

They got their own guitars and were taught how to use it in a youth-club. They played for the first time to a Christmasparty in the club in 2000 where Kjeld was among the audience.

Dennis and Lennart have played together with different friends, of which not all exactly liked mainly to play Quo-music and it has therefore been difficult to function as a band, when you have to teach new people the music all the time. At last Simon joined the band in 2005 on drums – but it was still hard to find a bassplayer.

Then the parents suggested Dennis and Lennart that they should ask if Kjeld would like to join the band on bass, as Kjeld – even if he play guitar normally also is bassplayer in a bluesband.

They met up one evening in spring 2007 – and it went tremendous. They rehearse every week – and now it’s just rolling.

The band has just finished a demo and the jobs have started to come – so only the time can tell what the future brings.

Piledriver has been in the studio tree times to make promotion cd’s – December 2007 (Reca), September 2010 (LJ Studio) and October 2013 (Huligennem).

The band has until today played 50 concerts – as charity, private and small pubs and big festivals.

The drummer, Simon Lüthmann stopped at 31st October 2014. New drummer is Nicklas Hylleberg.